Strongwell’s STRONGIRT is the ideal continuous insulation (CI) cladding attachment support system. This all-FRP (fiberglass) pultruded composite uses a custom fire-retardant resin system and unique laminate design to offer superior pull out strength, excellent thermal efficiency, and the ability to work with any non-proprietary insulation (no routing or fabricating of rigid insulation is required).

The geometry of STRONGIRT offers self-draining to clear rainwater, and weep holes can be pre-fabricated or added in the field for additional drainage needs. The product has been engineered for strength and stiffness to support cladding, insulation, and wind loads, while offering a simple, durable, cost effective solution for installers.



  • 100% FRP system (no metal to rust or react)
  • Superior pullout strength
  • Invisible in rainscreen cavities
  • Double fastening system on front flange
  • Light weight
  • Works with all non-proprietary insulation
  • No in-field fabrication required
  • 10′ and 20′ standard lengths (custom lengths available)
  • Thermally efficient replacement to metal cladding attachment systems
  • Code compliant

Elements of Design

  1. Pitched flanges for water mitigation
  2. Insulation retention system (no insulation fasteners needed)
  3. Fastening lines
  4. Weep hole (optional)
  5. Line to drill weep holes (optional)


STRONGIRT profiles are designed to accomodate a range of insulation thicknesses.

Insulation Thickness, ti

STRONGIRT® Depth (nom.), d

Web Thickness (nom.), WT

Wall Flange Thickness (nom.), WFT

1.5″ (38mm) 1.9″ (48mm) 0.15″
2.0″ (51mm) 2.4″ (61mm)
2.5″ (64mm) 2.9″ (74mm)
3.0″ (76mm) 3.4″ (86mm)
3.5″ (89mm) 3.9″ (99mm)
4.0″ (102mm) 4.4″ (112mm)
4.5″ (114mm) 4.9″ (124mm)
5.0″ (127mm) 5.4″ (137mm)
5.5″ (140mm) 5.9″ (150mm)
6.0″ (152mm) 6.4″ (163mm)
5.0″ Ultra (127mm) 5.5″ (140mm) 0.25″
5.5″ Ultra (140mm) 6.0″ (152mm)
6.0″ Ultra (152mm) 6.5″ (165mm)
8.0″ Ultra (203mm) 8.5″ (216mm)



STRONGIRT Ultra is made with a thicker wall flange and web to accomodate higher weights and wind loads.


Made in the USA

Every foot of STRONGIRT is made exclusively in the USA by Strongwell to the highest standard of quality and appearance by workers who take pride in their work in an ISO 9001 Certified Facility. Strongwell, the world leader in pultrusion and pultruded structures and shapes, has been pultruding FRP since 1956 and is vertically integrated, with in-house R&D, Engineering, and Fabrication.


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