Example Assemblies

STRONGIRT Installation Assembly Horizontal

Installed Horizontally

STRONGIRT Installation Assembly Vertical

Installed Vertically

Installation Manual & Details

Recommended Tools


Miter and/or Circular Saw – Gritted or Diamond Blade (30-60 grit size)

Jigsaw – Gritted, Diamond, or Basic Metal Blade (24-32 teeth per inch)

Drilling / Fastening

Diamond or Carbine Tipped Drill Bits when drilling holes

We recommend 1/4″-14 low profile fasteners when fixing to stud walls with sheathing and 1/4″ low profile threaded and coated masonry fasteners/hilti pin when fixing to a masonry substrate.

For more details on installation, download the Installation Details above.

Accessories & Fabrication


Custom Screws

For projects with very heavy cladding or atypically high wind loads, Strongwell can supply customers a custom 1-3/4” long #14 exterior hex head self-drilling screw with an integrated 1-1/4” washer, upon request, to simplify installation.


Weep Holes

Upon request, Strongwell can drill weep holes in the outside flange to allow for rain water to drain.

StronGirt Cross Section J-Channel


STRONGIRT can be fabricated to provide a non-structural J-channel or starter strip. See the Installation Detail drawings above for more information.

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